Stop the Sewage!

November 15, 2021 / Comments (0)


STOP THE SEWAGE: SOUTHSEA  is a new community group set up by local people to fight against sewage pollution.

You are no doubt aware of the disgusting floods of sewage polluting the sea and our beaches in Southsea, Eastney and Langstone Harbour in the past few weeks – routinely and wantonly dumped by Southwern Water from its Budds Farm sewage works into Langstone Harbour on no less than 78 days so far this year. That’s one day in every four since last New Years Day!

And it’s not just here either – earlier this week The News reported a Hampshire County Council meeting where the discussion included floods of sewage running down Winchester High Street.

We are going to have to work as a community, allied to other communities, to stop Southern Water doing what it pleases with faeces and other waste and dumping them in our environment whenever they please.

STOP THE SEWAGE: SOUTHSEA  has already run an extremely successful meeting of around 300 people on the beach near the Coffee Cup to protest against this sewage pollution.

Join them at a public meeting – POLLUTION OF OUR ENVIRONMENT, Tuesday, November 16th, 7.30pm-9pm in the Gaiety Bar on South Parade Pier

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