Point, Old Portsmouth

View of Point, Old Portsmouth from the Solent

FOOPA welcomes the support of new members which assist our committee in their work. The committee meet each month, looking at such things as planning, policing, parking, roads and condition & upkeep of public areas following monthly ‘walkabout’, in an attempt to enhance the ambiance of this preservation area and to make it safe.

We usually issue two newsletters a year – which include Spring/Summer and Autumn Social Programmes where members can meet up for days away or for a meal & talk locally.

The annual subscription is £5 per household and you can join by printing both the Membership and Standing Order forms at the bottom of this page, completing them and sending (S.O. not by email) to me at the address below.

No Email? No problem. Just phone the number below or drop a letter to me with your name & address.

Thank you

Alistair Wilson

FOOPA Membership Secretary
1, A’Becket Court, St. Thomas’s St., Portsmouth, PO1 2HG
t: (023) 92 821 665 e: membership@foopa.org.uk

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