Reporting crime
Hampshire Constabulary now have online reporting which may be of use when 101 is very busy.
The Royal Garrison Church
“I didn’t know this was here!” It could be considered that The Royal Garrison Church in Penny Street holds Portsmouth’s best kept secret judging by the number of times visitors exclaim to the duty guide “I didn’t know this was here”. But a glance at the Visitors’ Book would soon dispel this myth as people from all over the world successfully manage to find us. It seems the comment is made mostly by local residents and it must be assumed that they are so used to seeing the Church with no roof that it gives the impression of being a total ruin. However, those prepared to penetrate a little further into the building are well rewarded. After walking the length of the roofless nave and passing through the unprepossessing porch at its east end, visitors entering the chancel are surprised by the glorious interior of this surviving section of the Church.
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Old Portsmouth Fortifications
The Square Tower at the top of Broad Street was built in 1494. This served as the residence for the Governor of Portsmouth but also had provision for guns to be mounted on the roof. This building was subsequently used for the storage of gunpowder and, in 1779, was converted for use as a meat store. In 1827, the tower was refaced in stone.
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History of Old Portsmouth
The war with France led to fortifications being built around the town of (Old) Portsmouth and these were strengthened and supplemented during the following centuries. The importance of Portsmouth Harbour as a naval base also became apparent, and in 1418 the Round Tower was built to protect the entrance to the harbour. Access to the town was via four gates at strategic locations through the fortifications, the Point being outside the town.
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What to See
Round Tower & Saluting Platform Access to the Round Tower can be obtained across the open space about half way down Broad Street. Although the Tower is not generally open to the public, the adjacent steps lead to a good viewpoint at the top of the Tower. From the Round Tower the Millennium Walk proceeds along 18 Gun Battery (1680) to the Square Tower and then to 10 Gun Battery (1670) and the Saluting Platform (1568), the large area with seating above Grand Parade. Continuing along the Millennium Walk to the Spur Redoubt (1680), the moat (1680) and Long Curtain (the grass embankment, 1730) are on the left. 
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