Protected Cycle Space Finally Coming to Elm Grove??!!

April 3, 2024 / Comments (0)


From Cycling Forum: For years now, many cyclists have complained, reported and commented about persistent anti-social parking in the painted cycle lanes around the Elm Grove / Grove Road South crossroads.

In November 2020 a trial scheme to provide protected cycle lanes along Elm Grove and Kings Road was withdrawn within three weeks. However the feedback we received from cyclists was that finally (albeit for a short period) cyclists could access the front of the motor vehicle queue safely. Our report following the trial was that protection should remain here alongside a method to stop parked vehicles blocking access to the protected space.

Funding for a scheme to achieve this was approved by the Transport Cabinet member in December 2021, and two years later we asked for an update and whether it would ever happen.

Finally a Traffic Regulation order has been issued and we would like as many cyclists as possible to respond to the public consultation to support the scheme as designed.

Check out plans and comments at

Have your say. Consultation open until 10 April.

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