High Street road closure

April 3, 2024 / Comments (0)


Forthcoming traffic management and road closures.  In date order:

  • 25 Mar for 6 to 8 weeks (which could last until 17 May) construction of zebra crossing and raised table in High Street.  Colas plan two way traffic lights in High Street. I’ve asked if they should place warning signs in Peacock Lane and also consider 3 way traffic lights in expectation of traffic backing down Peacock Lane during school run periods (still some recalcitrant parents disregarding the school streets)
  • 18-19 Apr road closure of High Street between junction of Peacock Lane and 129 High Street.  This is for HFS/White lining/Asphalt junction of Peacock Lane – I think HFS means High Friction Surfacing
  • 22 Apr–24 May, 2 way signals in High Street to provide road space for the rebuilding of the facades of houses near the crossroads.

25 Mar – 17 May traffic lights in High Street Permit no. FC001-PCC-421-01

18-19 Apr road closure and diversions. Permit no. FC002-CO-15-01

22 Apr – 24 May rebuilding of facades. Permit no. FC004-PRI-246-02

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