Speak Up Pompey, Pompey Speak Up

June 28, 2021 / Comments (0)


An online World Cafe community conversation on Saturday 17th July between 1pm- 3pm

This is a great opportunity for young people in Portsmouth to have their say about what it’s like to be a young person in the town. What is good and what makes you feel unhappy. The conversation will focus around the use of the Hot Walls and how the area is used by people – young and old – and what can be done to make the area safer and enjoyed by everyone.

If you are aged between 11-18 and join us at one of the sessions to take part in this unique online conversation about Portsmouth we will send you an Amazon voucher for £10. We value your voice but also your time! So, register to get involved, have your say and as long as you stay till the end of the event we will then send you an Amazon voucher to the email address you used to get on-line. We want your voice to shape the future of the Hot Walls!

The Speak Up Pompey, Pompey Speak Up World Café will take place on Saturday 17th July. The online discussion is aimed at giving everyone in Portsmouth – young people, residents, workers, businesses – an opportunity to have their say about the Hot Wall, safety and enjoyment.

The Speak Up Pompey, Pompey Speak Up programme was put forward by the Hampshire Constabulary and MutualGain – an organisation committed to working and engaging with local communities. But local people and organisations committed to building a better Portsmouth have put this event together. The World Café is the first event in a programme of Speak Up Pompey, Pompey Speak Up events which will take place this year. The outcome of this online conversation will set priorities for the next phase which will be looking to invest money into small community-based ideas. The on-line World Café will take place at 1pm. People will access the conversation using the online Zoom platform. All people will need to take part is a computer (or even a smart-phone) and the link to the conversation. People will take part in small group conversations as if they were sitting in a café having a chat with their friends! All people need to do is register in advance to take part in this free event – once registered they will be sent the link to join in the conversation.

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