Running Fawlty Towers  and  Cooking for the Rich and Famous a talk by Susan Howe 

Running Fawlty Towers. So many people think running a hotel must be fun. Susan will enlighten you about the mishaps and unforeseen dramas, including knives flying in the kitchen, and some of the strange guests, such as the escaped convict who stayed long enough to run up a large bill and then did a bunk with silver under his arm.

Cooking for the rich and famous. Susan was a cook on a luxury yacht. among the rich and famous she met was Brigitte Bardot’s ex-husband, Gunther Sachs, who invited her to go on to cook for him and his friends in St Moritz. Her inside stories confirm that the rich really do live in another world.

Tickets £8 per person

September 20, 2022


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