ASPEX Gallery bringing back the Southsea Dinosaur

August 21, 2020 / Comments (0)


In response to COVID-19 and the closure of the gallery Aspex have been working with Heather and Ivan Morison to mark the 10th anniversary of the extraordinary Luna Park by representing it in a virtual Southsea Common – yes, it was 10 years ago!  If you haven’t experienced it already please go to

Aspex need your help to go one step further!  Next year they will be celebrating our 40th anniversary. They’re working with Heather and Ivan to develop plans for a scale replica Ultrasaurus in bronze, to be placed on a stone plinth with a QR code linking it to an augmented reality version of the work (you will see it through your mobile device as if it was there full size)!!!  It will also give viewers access to a digital archive of images and memories of the work.  The sculpture will be sited, first on Southsea Common, and then as part of the seafront defences and amazingly they’ve secured support from Portsmouth City Council, who have allocated £5000 CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) funding but they still got a long way to go. The first stage is to secure another £5000 of public support through the crowdfunding campaign, and then more fundraising from Trusts & Foundations.  

Aspex family, can you help?  

Please donate what you can and share their campaign with your network to help them to commission a public sculpture marking an extraordinary chapter in the history of Portsmouth, fit for the 21 century and a forward thinking City.

You can donate here:

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