Anglepoise collaboration, exhibitions and Christmas 2020

October 14, 2020 / Comments (0)


With Autumn’s arrival, Hotwalls Studios are excited to share news about new collaborative projects, Open Studios and our fast approaching Christmas programme. First stop, working with Anglepoise…

Lighting designers Anglepoise join the Hotwalls Studios

Hotwalls Studios are delighted to be working with international lighting and lamp design champions Anglepoise, as they host a  pop-up sale from the Hotwalls Studios. A Portsmouth-based company known for iconic design and exceptional quality, the sale will include samples and ex-display products at discounted prices. The event will be accompanied by the monthly Open Studios on Sunday 18th October, which resumed last month following a five-month pause. Join uthem as you meet the artists and watch them create, shop local from the studios, and treat your home to timeless classic from a local design company.

Back and Fill exhibition comes to the Round Tower

Exciting news from Hotwalls Studios: “we have an exhibition approaching! From the 30th Oct – 1st Nov. Back and Fill will feature original artworks inspired by life in a pandemic, created by artists from the Hotwalls Studios, Art Space and other creative backgrounds. The exhibition is part of the overriding Back and Fill project, created by Marine Studios in Margate. The aim is to unite coastal communities across the UK in a shared creative project following a period of hardship. We’re thankful for this opportunity to work collaboratively-in Portsmouth and beyond. We will document the exhibition via our social media platforms, and will livestream an interview with studio artist Alice Hume on her lockdown project Community Textiles. For more information on our involvement, see our website. Interested in learning more about the project as a whole? Read here.

Celebrate Christmas at the Hotwalls Studios!

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